Classroom Ideas using ICT

IMG_4886Technology unlocks access to information in classrooms and provides unprecedented opportunities to facilitate learning. Not only can it be used for finding information, but it also provides:

  • tools to facilitate learning – apps, games, story-builders
  • tools for collating and presenting work to assess students’ understandings – online presentations, online portfolios
  • a subject of study itself in the Australian curriculum. As a subject matter, ICT and the internet can be analysed in the ways it can improve the quality of life, the roles it plays in social, cultural and personal aspects of life, globalisation and interconnectivity, and concepts such as the right to information.

In using the internet, students need to learn how to access, critique and synthesise information. Lessons focused on ICT skills could include retrieving information, collating data retrieved online, evaluating websites and sources for credibility, and actively producing online content.

I am regularly blown away by new software and online (often free) apps and programs that make communication and learning that much easier. I’m always keen to stay on top of new tools. Some tech solutions that I think could play a role in the classroom include:

  • Blogs – class blogs or individual reflections/diaries through sites such as this (WordPress) and Blogger
  • Graphic blogs – I haven’t tried it but Glogster looks amazing
  • Vlogs – Vimeo or YouTube
  • Wikis – through Wikispaces
  • E-portfolios
  • Online presentations – Prezi
  • Storyboard for wonderful illustrations that can be teamed with imaginative stories developed through literacy activities

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