Super Six Reading Bookmarks

In my Stage 3 classroom I’ve been running literacy groups some mornings, which provides me with a chance to read with each small group twice a week. One of the things I have struggled with is coordinating short comprehension activities that are tailored for each group’s different text. Short of programming weekly activities across four different texts for ten weeks, I was looking for short, sharp comprehension tasks that are responsive to wherever we end up in our text after reading. I created these Super Six reading bookmarks, using the Super Six strategies to outline some activity prompts that we can use after reading. I basically keep them on a ring as a prompt for myself, so that after twenty minutes of reading, the group can do a short ten minute comprehension task.

Literacy groups – comprehension bookmarks for teacher

So far, I’ve found them really useful. This obviously doesn’t replace the programming that I do in literacy, and we’re doing a shared reading of ‘Wonder’ which has more in-depth comprehension tasks. These are just some useful prompts for self-directed activities that get students to reflect on their text.


PS I’m starting Literature Circles this term, so may be able to share some resources and learning later on!


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