Bullying Barrier Game

Earlier this year, our Stage 3 students had to prepare a speech under one of the topics of the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Comp. This included our newly-arrived EAL/D students, so in withdrawal groups we spent a lot of time focused on the structure of an oral persuasive text and some of the subject-specific vocabulary of their chosen topic. My students chose the topic ‘Words Can Hurt’, so I made an information-gap crossword to help them consolidate and use new words under this topic.

Barrier game – Bullying crossword

If you’re teaching a similar topic, it could be useful for you too. A tool like this does need to be used strategically though, and not as a one-off. Info-gap crosswords are a great tool for practice and consolidation, after some time has been spent exploring concepts and words. I designed this one at the later stage of the unit, so you will notice that some of the clues are actually left blank. This is so students can devise a clue in their own words, and therefore really need to think about meaning. This makes it quite a useful formative assessment task.


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