Vocabulary focus: The Australian Government

Given the sheer amount of subject-specific vocabulary in the History topic ‘Government’, it is incredibly important that EAL/D students (well, all students for that matter) are given multiple opportunities to practice using new words. This includes in supported contexts, such as through cloze tasks and bingo games, as well as in less guided contexts where students must construct their own definitions, such as in ‘articulate’ style vocab games (which I’ll explain in more detail if you’ve never played!)

Here are a few resources you can use to play with new vocabulary…

Another good resource for encouraging verbal communication is this game of Parliament:

Board Game – Parliament

Cards for Parliament – board game

All students begin on the START square. They must work in teams of two. Player 1 picks up a card from the pile and must explain the meaning of the word on their card to Player 2, without using that word, or any of its derivations. For example, if the card is ‘government’ they cannot say government, govern, governing as they describe. Pairs must get through explaining as many cards correctly as they can in 45 seconds. They move forward by the number of words correctly guessed. The turn then passes to the next team.

I hope you find some of these resources useful!



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