‘The Australian Colonies’ Sequencing Task (Stage 3)

I thought I would begin to share some of the resources that I’ve been using with my EAL/D students. I’m always designing hands-on tasks such as sequencing activities, sorts, clines, cloze activities and boardgames for myself, so I thought I would pop them up here in case any of them are useful for anyone else.

First up are the files from a sequencing task I first posted about here. These files are bigger, so easier to print off and laminate on card if you so choose.

These cards are designed as Stage 3 resources for exploring ‘The Australian Colonies’ as part of the History Syllabus in NSW. The relevant Syllabus outcomes are:

  • describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia HT3-1

As our focus this term is on Government, expect a lot more resources on this topic in the coming weeks! Studying a big topic like Government with EAL/D students, it is critical to focus on vocabulary and unpicking big concepts. With my newly arrived students, we have to go back even further than Australian Federation, to colonial history.


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