Six Word Stories

I’m not entirely sure when or where I first stumbled across Six Word Stories, but I have loved them ever since I first heard about them. If you’ve never heard of them before, the Huffington Post has written this article about these short creations. (This is an article for you to read, not for the classroom, as some of the stories have mature content).

The thing I love most is that six short words can create so much intrigue and be such a good platform for longer writing sessions. When casual teaching, I found them to be nice one-off literacy sessions with lots of discussion, story-telling and sharing.

Here are some slides that I developed for casual lessons.

S2 and S3 – Six Word Stories

I’d spend time at the beginning of the lesson discussing and debating whether a whole story could be told in six words. When looking at some of the sample stories, you can draw out a range of views of what the back-story might be. I’ve heard some great, contrasting stories come out of these examples. These can also be used as writing stimulus, or you can get students to write their own six word story, swap with a friend, and then write each others’ stories in full.

I’ve included a few slides at the end of the Powerpoint. You can ignore these, or you can get students to reflect on a memory or a holiday of their past and fill in a Y-chart. Or you can use a visual stimulus and get them to write a six-word story based on that. There are so many things you can do with these – the sky’s the limit!


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