My transition to Casual Relief Teacher

One week ago, I completed my first day of PAID TEACHING WORK. Since then, I have worked three days, each in a different school and let me tell you, it has felt like a long week! I’ve been running off adrenalin for the most part. Having landed in a new workplace on each of those days has felt a bit like I’ve experienced three ‘first days’ in one week, and my respect for casual teachers has grown immensely. It is a skill set I am still early on in developing, but the flexibility, resilience and energy required to land in a new environment, with a class of students you don’t know is incredible. I’ve enjoyed the week immensely, powered by the openness of schools and classroom teachers to support casuals, and the small feat it takes to manage a day plan that you conjured up at last minute (or often on the spot if you’re landed with a class at short notice!)

Being a planner, I naturally have a boot that is packed with quality texts and corresponding lesson plans, activity cards, maths games etc. However, executing a day which may be with one class or may be split across three and implementing lessons that I’ve often not taught before is challenging me. I no longer have the security of my internship classroom where the day was predictable. I think that in the long run, these experiences as a CRT will be instrumental in shaping my teaching style, and my ability to be adaptable and think on my feet.

As I’ve now moved from university to teaching life, my posts will probably change to include more classroom resources. In preparing my Casual Relief Teacher (car boot) Kit, I’ve benefited from other educators sharing their resources. I am keen to share resources that I’ve ‘tried and tested’, as well as some learning sequences that I have developed around key texts.


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