My Grammar Constellation

Grammar. One of my deepest, darkest fears. Possibly worse than my fear of spiders, but one I must overcome if I am to be a great teacher. In fact, to counter my grammar insecurities I’m thinking I might try to become a grammar crusader, a font of grammar knowledge and developer of great learning experiences around it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I really do dislike it, it’s that it was never something I remember expressly learning myself. Sure, I remember learning about nouns, adjectives, verbs and the like, but that was the depth of it and nothing else. It was only when I was learning Spanish as an adult that I realised there were all these things that we had names for – gerund? Past participle? Simple present? Past continuous? WHA??

So, I suppose I have a lot to learn. I am starting here, developing a grammar constellation with teaching activities peppered throughout as something I can keep referring back to.

Sorry, WordPress won’t allow me to embed my Prezi, but you can visit it at the link.



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