English – Reader’s Theatre

IMG_4880 Reader’s Theatre is a great way to encourage students to get involved in the reading of a text, and to do it expressively. It is a style of theatre, traditionally, where lines were not learnt but were read off a sheet. In the classroom, this can involve delegating different characters to students, providing a script to read from. This is a great literacy task for improving reading skills and fluency. Assigning every student a character or role allows them to engage with reading through a fun activity, either in small groups or by assigning several students at a time to the same role. You can pair up students that might have difficulty with the text with another student that will be able to assist. One of the best things about Reader’s Theatre is that the scripts are easy to make! Here are a couple of resources with ideas for how you could break up a story into parts: http://www.busyteacherscafe.com/literacy/readers_theater.html http://www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm

Margery Hertzberg has created a worksheet to help students think critically about their scripting decisions (in Ewing & Simons, 2004, p. 88):

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.41.11 pm


Ewing, R., Simons, J. (2004). Beyond the Script Take 2: Drama in the Classroom. Newtown NSW: Primary English Teachers Association Australia (PETAA).


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