Literature with Maths Themes

ericcarlefriends4 Lower primary:

  • Mr Archimedes’ bath – Pamela Allen
  • Who Sank the Boat? – Pamela Allen
  • The Bad Tempered Ladybird – Eric Carle
  • The very hungry caterpillar – Eric Carle
  • The Secret Birthday Message – Eric Carle
  • Counting on Frank – Rod Clement
  • The Rabbit Problem – Emily Gravett
  • Window and Belonging – Jeannie Baker
  • The Doorbell Rang – Pat Hutchins
  • Small, Medium, Large – Emily Jenkins
  • The Shape of my Heart – Mark Sperring
  • One Dragon’s Dream – Peter Pavey
  • Uncle David – Libby Gleeson

Upper primary:

  • The Eleventh Hour – Graeme Base
  • My Place – Nadia Wheatley
  • Old Ridley – Gary Crew and Mark McBride
  • The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure – Hans Magnus Enzensberger
  • Traditional Tales with a Mathematical Twist – Vince Wright

Illustration by Eric Carle.


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