Conscience Alley – Investigating Characters and Themes in Depth


#TIL about Conscience Alley, as a fun tool often used in drama, that can be adapted for an English literacy lesson. It is a great technique for getting a class to explore dilemmas in texts and analyse key decision points in detail.

The way to orchestrate Conscience Alley is to select one of your students to act as the main protagonist, and then on either side line up some ‘angels’ on one side and some ‘devils’ on the other. The key function of the activity is essentially to play devil’s advocate. After hearing compelling arguments from both sides, the protagonist must make their decision. It is a great tool for getting students to think about the issues involved in a situation, to develop empathy, consider multiple viewpoints, use persuasive language and reflect on character motivations.

Here’s a short animation that explains what Conscience Alley looks like in practice:


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