Making the Leap

Making the career change was one of the hardest decisions to make, but once I did, it made a lot of sense.

Having always wanted to be a primary teacher throughout high school, when it came to decision time I elected to do something else that was instead particularly vague and open-ended, following criticism and disappointment from some of my secondary teachers.

“Why would you throw your life away!”

If this was coming from inside the profession then maybe this was not the lifelong career I was hoping for! Maybe I am not cut out for it! Maybe I don’t understand the stresses of the profession!

Having gone to a selective school, my teachers couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t possibly want to be a [lawyer/banker/doctor/consultant].

Cut to five years of (very interesting, but rather) aimless study, one global financial crisis, another year of study and five years of wandering through offices wondering which one would fit. I’ve been very lucky to work some really cool jobs, with some crazy-inspiring people. Firstly, in a line of work with jobs for only the lucky few (international development) and secondly, in the public service, in what would have been a long and rewarding career if only my heart had been in it.

But, in many ways I’m glad I didn’t do teaching fresh out of school. I probably didn’t have the maturity, resilience and perspective at 21 that I do now, all of which will hopefully make me a better teacher.

And so it begins!


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